Let's Dive into Corvus: Warzone and MW3 Operator Bundle Fun!

Let’s Dive into Corvus: Warzone and MW3 Operator Bundle Fun!

Call of Duty just threw the Corvus Operator bundle at us in the Warzone and MW3 stores. Another way to say this is to picture a collection that is all about ravens and creepy feelings. You’re in for a real treat if you want to know how much this bundle costs, what it comes with, or any other related questions.

Getting Ready to Play: Check the price of Corvus

In order to purchase the Corvus Operator bundle, will we need a certain number of Call of Duty Points? This is equivalent to 1,600 points in Call of Duty, friends. If you want to get it, you will need to go to the CoD HQ (which stands for Call of Duty Headquarters, in case you forgot) and click on the Store tab. You only need to scroll down a little bit, and you will find it that way! At that very moment, you are able to acquire the Corvus Operator bundle.

You should reward yourself if you have a lot of Call of Duty Points. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if obtaining those points is difficult. Additional items are available at the same store. Spending those points and incorporating some Corvus magic into your SLOTBANGJAGO games is something you should do right now.

Opening the Presents: What Does the Corvus Bundle Have?

Wait, what’s inside the Corvus Operator bundle for Warzone and MW3? Now for the fun part! Here are seven great things that will really take your gaming to the next level. Take a look:

  1. Ghilliebeast Operator Skin for Corso: Transform Corso into a Ghilliebeast with this slick Operator skin. Sneak around and pull off those ninja moves like a pro.
  2. Two Weapon Blueprints: Because one is just not enough! You’re getting not one but two weapon blueprints to make your arsenal seriously impressive.
  3. Calling Card: Show off your pride with a unique Calling Card. It’s like your gaming ID, but way cooler. Let everyone know you mean business.
  4. Emblem: Make your mark with a special emblem that screams Corvus style. Let the world know you’re part of the Corvus crew.
  5. Charm: Add a little charm to your loadout and give it that extra flair.
  6. Sticker: A cool Corvus sticker is in the mix. Slap it on your gear and make a statement.

That’s the scoop on what the Corvus Operator bundle is bringing to the table in Warzone and MW3. It’s a bundle of pure awesomeness waiting for you to dive in.

Summing it Up: Let the Vibes Take Over!

The Corvus Operator bundle is your golden ticket to raven-themed greatness in Warzone and MW3. Priced at 1,600 CoD Points, it’s a steal for all the cool stuff it packs. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the store, grab it, and let those Corvus vibes rule your gaming world.